1. Luxo Luxo Summer Sale!

    Luxo Luxo Summer Sale!

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  2. Have An Idea?


    Have an idea for a custom wood piece or earring? E-Mail Sandi and let her know your thoughts at Info@LuxoLuxo.co and she’ll make it happen!

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  3. Luxo Luxo Creative Director Sandi Shivers to design Atlanta Greek Picnic 2012 Step Show Custom Trophy!

    After much anticipation we are proud to announce that Luxo Luxo Creative Director Sandi Shivers will design the winning trophy for the highly anticipated 2012 Atlanta Greek Picnic Step Show! Atlanta Greek Picnic set to take place June 6-10, in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the largest events of the year, highlighting Black Greek lettered organizations annually!

    That’s not all Luxo Luxo will also be a vendor at the picnic this year! We look forward to seeing you at AGP 2012!

    More surprises to come, stay tuned!

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  4. You Da One - Rihanna

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  5. @ Me Tho!

    As a testament to many of our interactions on Twitter, Luxo Luxo signature earrings "The Subtweets" were boldly created as an expression of the times. Luxo Luxo Creative Director Sandi Shivers says 

    " I saw a trend forming on one of the biggest social media outlets, people tweeting about others without directly addressing them. "

    The  popular “@ Me Tho” saying is one frequented by Twitter users fed up with indirect messages from their feisty followers. Sandi went on to say 

    "It is an in your face piece of art that really needs no explanation. How better to get your point across without having to speak? I’ve always been inspired to create new designs, push the envelope a little, and make things that will not only shock others but that are fun and quirky. I’m always up for the “dare” and I think these earrings are challenging others to be upfront, open, honest, and responsible for their words. It’s a statement piece…in more ways than one. It’s the 2012 version of the comment say it to my face

    Make your voice heard today! With a pair of “The Subtweets” 
    For more information e-mail Info@LuxoLuxo.co 

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  6. Luxo Luxo Prepares for Website Release!

    After much anticipation Luxo Luxo, Inc. will be releasing its first website later this month! The website is set to include pictures of custom work which feature both Greetik and Luxo Luxo lines. You’ll also be able to place orders and inquiries on the website.  Countdown the days with us here on Tumblr and on Twitter: @LuxoLuxoCo

    We’ll notify you once the website launches!

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  7. Meet The Mastermind

    Luxo Luxo Owner and Creative Director, Sandi Shivers, took a special interest in painting and carving as a form of Art Therapy. This therapeutic and creative way of expression paved the way for her to master the craft and gain the respect of many. Each one of a kind piece she constructs, is sketched, hand carved, and painted with precision keeping the client and their vision at the forefront. 

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  8. Limited Edition: The “Yum Yum’s”

    Life tastes good.

    Sandi released the Limited Edition Yum Yum’s a few days ago and with only 5 pair left, you don’t want to miss out on these! E-Mail: info@LuxoLuxo.co to place your order today!

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  9. "The Pick"

    Perfect for any occasion. Express yourself!
    E-Mail: Info@LuxoLuxo.co and place your order today! 

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  10. Imagination - Jill Scott

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    Luxo Luxo, Inc., is a custom wood design and hand crafted Jewelry Company. Since it's inception, in 2006, the company has sought to create unique high quality pieces of art that can be proudly displayed or fashionably worn.

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